Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spread The Word: NO HOT CARS

We all hear about it every summer.  Another child, another dog, left in a hot car and tragically they did not survive.  If you're like me, it breaks your heart and you're sick and tired of hearing about it, sick and tired of knowing it still happens every single summer.

We all see messages about it on social media and that's always good, but there is MORE we can do.  We can take the message off the internet and into the streets where others can't help but see it and be reminded of it over and over again.  The goal is simply, to spare another senseless, completely avoidable tragedy.

New products now available:

Personalized Signs for Businesses (wire frame stand included in the listed price, and available in 3 different sizes):
Residential Lawn Signs (frame included, 3 sizes available):
3.5" x 2.5" Business Cards - 100 pack. Perfect little reminders you can share:
Bumper Stickers to take the message with you every time you go out:
Sheets of 20 round small stickers, or 6 round large stickers to share:
Magnets to share, in 3 different sizes:
Doggy Tees for your furbaby to let him or her help spread the message:
Hot Car Warning Dog T Shirt
Hot Car Warning Dog T Shirt by reflections06

And even more great products at my cafepress shop here.  
Together we CAN make a difference and spare a life this summer.