Monday, June 2, 2014

NEW PRODUCT: Super Awesome Custom Guitar Picks!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love zazzle?  Oh...  well if I haven't, I LOVE ZAZZLE!

They're constantly coming out with new, amazing, customizable products and the quality is second to none.  As you can see here, the newest product in the catalog is...


While I don't play guitar myself, it's probably one of my most favorite musical instruments.  So, I've been having a blast designing for this new product in a way to sort of give back to all those brilliant musicians out there who do play. (Please feel free to contact me for custom band or name designs)

From personalized, monogram, silver or gold metallic elegant monogram, glitter, cosmos, even diamond studded! (Okay, it's not really a diamond, it's just part of the design but it sure looks snappy! And each diamond design is completely original, from the angle of the sparkle to the location of the gem in the monogram.

I have several more design styles in the hopper because it's just a super fun product to design for.

The picks come in standard and diamond shape, and here are the actual product details:

Rock out with customized guitar picks! Made with high quality celluloid (a traditional pick material), these picks grip well and provide the flexibility and durability needed for a balanced, yet crisp tone. Choose between the standard and triangle shape and a wide variety of designs for a professional grade custom guitar pick.
  • Available in standard and triangle shapes.
  • Dimensions: .98"w x 1.18"l (standard) , 1.22"w x 1.18"l (triangle)
  • Medium gauge (.71mm).
  • Made with celluloid. Ideal for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars.
  • Designs printed in vibrant full color on your choice of single or double side. (Please contact me if you want a design on both sides of the pick - some of them only have the design on ONE side)
  • Buy in bulk and save!