Saturday, May 21, 2016

Most Valued Coach!

After rugby season was over this year, our daughter and team mates learned their coach was going to be moving to a different school for next season and that was pretty tough news to take, so they decided to do something really special for him.

My daughter enlisted my help and I was able to create these awesome products from

First was the personalized shirt with his image on it, that the entire team signed on the back.

Second, was this awesome water bottle in the team's colors of purple and white, with all the girl's name on the back of that as well.

Rumor has it, coach got a little misty eyed when he saw the gifts from the team.  I'm sure it was just allergies, or something.

Way to go coach Poulos, and all the best to you at your new school!

Special thanks to zazzle for making it SO much fun to do this for such a great coach who will be missed by all the girls on the team.

Rachel's original tweet, retweeted by her school: