Friday, May 22, 2015

Pure Summer Fun: Metallic Shimmer Temporary Tattoos

While zazzle has had temporary tattoos in stock for quite some time, that was just one of those products I never really got into designing for.  Mostly because I'm just not a tattoo designer.  But recently when one of my daughters mentioned how pretty the gold/metallic temporary tattoos are, I gave it a second thought.

I've combined some of my metallic textured elements with a little tweaking here and there to come up with this fun collection of metallic-look temporary tattoos!

(Please note, the inks used to print the actual tattoos are not metallic inks. The shimmer/shine and depth texture is part of the original design only. INK INGREDIENTS: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow inks. Comprised of Carbon Black, Proprietary dyes & pigments, Proprietary organic materials, Glycerols, Water.):

Gold Metallic Shimmer5 Temporary Tattoos
Gold Metallic Shimmer5 Temporary Tattoos by reflections06
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Gold Metallic Shimmer4 Temporary Tattoos
Gold Metallic Shimmer4 Temporary Tattoos by reflections06
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Gold Metallic Shimmer1
Gold Metallic Shimmer1 by reflections06
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