Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Zazzle Customer

Not only am I zazzle designer, I'm one very happy zazzle customer.  My house is full of awesome zazzle products from coffee mugs, ipod & samsung phone cases, posters, tote bags, tons of t-shirts and more.

Recently zazzle had one of their awesome Friday 4 Hour sales for 50% off t-shirts so I took advantage and ordered some fun stuffs for myself!  Here they are, shown on a real person... me!

(Please note, the lighting in the room wasn't the greatest so I had to lighten each picture a little bit.  Doing so, lightened the graphic design on each tee - the colors really do POP right off the shirt, they're super awesome!)

Shown here is the Modern Classic Custom Birth Year Shirt on the value tee.  Fun gift ideas for birthdays or just because! Customize the year & name for a truly personal, one of a kind gift.

This is one from PopTeez - Zombie Party! Fun political tees for the Zombie party :-)

Another one from PopTeez - The Walker Exterminator Shirt. (for professional zombie exterminators only - please be advised)

Now I ask, who doesn't love candy corn?!  Peace - Love - Candy Corn shirt from Reflections.

This is really one of my favorites and I can't wait to wear it out, lol.  This is the Zombie Infection Biohazard tee. 

Aww... macaroni and cheese - they're best friends! (and they have funky awesome shoes, which always matters) Fun Mac and Cheese shirt at Reflections.

Peace, baby. Satisfy your inner-hippie with this fun Flower Child Retro tee.

Last but certainly not least, Keep Calm and Drink Coffee tee.  One that I will be wearing a lot, I'm sure!