Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey Kids - Who Wants ICE CREAM?


If you're planning a birthday party this summer, an ice cream party is always a HUGE hit.  Here's a few planning tips to make sure your party is not only fun, but some quick and easy clean tips for the grown ups as well:

• Start off with one of these fun custom invitations from Reflections! Easily personalize the invitation with your son or daughter's name and all your party details and when they arrive, be sure to let your child open the package.  Guaranteed smiles every time and the party hasn't even started yet!

• To save on postage, this is the perfect time of year to let your child take the custom invites to school to hand out to their friends. (Be sure when parents call to RSVP, that you make a note of any children coming that might have any food allergies, especially peanut, so that you don't have those items at the party).

• The day of your party, be sure to have a good variety of ice cream (or frozen yogurt) flavors on hand, as well as syrups and toppings (candy sprinkles, mini m&ms, cookie crumbs, etc.)  The bulk food section of the grocery store is a great place to get all these topping items.

• Let the kids go crazy!  Allow the kids to make their own cones, cups or bowls.  You can find a lot of fun, party themed disposable cups, bowls napkins and plastic spoons at any discount or dollar store and this makes clean up a breeze.  While you're there, be sure to pick up matching colored balloons & streamers, and paper table cloth too!  The kids will make a HUGE mess, and that's part of the fun!  After all the food and non-disposable items are off the table, wrap the whole thing up inside the paper or disposable table cover and toss it out.  Easy!

• For even easier clean up (weather permitting) try to have your party outdoors.  If it's especially warm, fill your cooler or a giant tub with ice and store the ice cream in there before the party begins. Be sure to have an extra cooler or tub filled with ice and water bottles.  Building ice cream masterpieces is thirsty work and the kids will want water!

• Most important of all: HAVE FUN!

If you have some hints and tips to share about having an ice cream party, feel free to leave a comment & share.