Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zazzle Product Review: Magnets

I don't know about your house, but in my house fridge magnets are kind of a big deal.  The fridge being one of the central places in the house where you know everyone will visit, makes it the perfect place to pop a magnet there just because it's a cool magnet, or to use to hold important items where everyone can see them.  On my fridge we have magnets from tourist areas, state magnets, sentimental and/or funny quotes, magnets shaped like cows, wolves, bird houses and more.

We LOVE our fridge magnets and now we have two brand new ones I'd like to show off:

Both of these cute little magnets I custom designed myself at zazzle. My cell phone camera doesn't really do them the justice they deserve but I assure you they look in person exactly the way they looked on my screen when I designed them, except for one small detail. In person, they look even better! As you can clearly see I've deleted our actual phone numbers (not that I don't want everyone calling us, it's just that if you all did, we'd never get anything done), but you can also see that the printing comes out crystal clear and very easy to read.

Zazzle offers magnets in 2 shapes (square and round) and four sizes (square: 2"x2", and round in small: 1.25", standard: 2.25" and large: 3") but my personal favorite is the 2" square magnets.  The product description tells you that they come with a scratch and UV resistant mylar coating and truth be told, they simply look fabulous.  The magnet itself attached to the back is nice and strong and heavy enough to hold all kinds of great things!  All in all, zazzle is just a really great place to buy a cool magnet.  In the market place there you have tons of choices from Save the Date, Cute, Cars, Photo Frames, Baby Shower and many many more.  There are over a MILLION magnets to choose from in the zazzle marketplace created by some pretty talented folks.  You can even design your own with pretty much anything you want on it. Magnets are a great and inexpensive gift idea for all kinds of events and celebrations from new babies, save the date for weddings, personalized name magnets for kids (kids LOVE stuff with their own name on it!) or just because magnets are cool.

While I don't actually have "cell phone number" magnets at Reflections zazzle right now (and I just may add them real soon, they're perfect for parents, kids, babysitters, or anyone else who would like to make sure their contact number is prominently displayed in a great place) I do have oodles and oodles of magnets in store which have certainly added to the million+ in zazzle's marketplace.  Technically, "oddles" is over 1,000 styles.  

Here are some of my most favorites that I've designed over the last couple of years:

Have a fantastically wonderful day!
Carla - Resident Mad Designer
Graphic design by Carla Rolfe