Thursday, June 30, 2011

Zazzle Product Review: Ladies Casual Scoop Neck Tee

Not only do I design and post products for sale at, like others I am also a super happy customer myself!

I love zazzle.  Love the print quality, love the product quality, love the fabulous customer service, and love the opportunity to express my passion for creating while being a full-time stay at home (work at home) mom.  I like to purchase what I call "test" products as often as possible from my own shop to make sure the design quality is top notch, and to see for myself the product quality as well so I can pass along that information first-hand to customers and potential customers.  I've purchased many products such as binders, business cards, greeting cards, invitations, doodle speakers, tote bags and more.  Today I'd like to give a closer look to the Ladies Casual Scoop Neck tee, shown here. This is the actual product/design I recently ordered for myself and to sum it all up to begin with, I love it!  But here are some more details:

Most Important: The Fit

One of the drawbacks to ordering apparel online is not being able to try it on first to see how it really fits.  Let's face it, we've all seen clothes that look fantastic on the manequin but once we try them on we find out they don't work at all for our body shape/type.  I prefer looser, more comfy shirts and this one is absolutely perfect for that.  I usually order a size up and I was not disappointed with that option on this product.  The sizing information says it's a classic fit and it loosely follows the shape of your body, and that is 100% accurate.  One of the things I love most about this style is the scoop neck as opposed to the standard neckline of the unisex tee.  With a lower neckline than the standard tee (but not too low) it's very comfortable, just the way I like it.  It's also very lightweight so its perfect for warm days all by itself, and would certainly be great for layering too on colder days, due to the thinness of the material.  As much as I really love the longer, more "baggy" basic unisex tees (I always size up on those too), I can easily see myself ordering on this style much more often now.  Yes, I love it that much! (I've included a picture of the actual shirt here, but my camera doesn't really capture how vivid the graphic actually is).

The Print Quality

Zazzle never fails to amaze me with their printing technique and this case is not the exception.  When this shirt came the image on the front was as bold and bright as shown on my screen (if not more so).  I've worn it several times and washed it several times (in cold, no bleach) and it actually looks better with each wash.  The image is softer to the touch but retains it's bright colors.  I can see wearing this for several summers before I'll need to replace it.

Have a fantastically wonderful day!
Carla - Resident Mad Designer
Graphic design by Carla Rolfe