Monday, July 6, 2009

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson

To anyone over the age of 5 and under the age of 100, that name alone conjurs up all kinds of thoughts and images. Almost no one is without an opinion about the man and his life, whether good, bad or indifferent. Funny thing is, most folks didn't even know him personally, we all just watched and listened to the media tell us what to think about him. Of course, we all know without question the media is 100% honest and accurate 100% of the time, right?

For Michael's fans (that span the globe as well as several generations) he was simply a brilliantly gifted artist known as, the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson's music was part of my own childhood and teen years, and I most certainly appreciated his talent. The Jackson Five was popular when I was a little girl, and back in that day we had variety shows on tv and they'd make appearances here and there on shows like that. Before long there was a Saturday morning Jackson Five cartoon, along with J5 lunch boxes, dolls, posters and everything else you can think of. During my teen years when Michael launched his insanely successful solo career, his music dominated the pop stations and everywhere you went, you heard his music. Not long after came MTV and Thriller. Thriller made such an enormous impact on pop music culture that even so many years later, teenagers today know the song and the video (my own 18, 23 and 26 year old daughters, included). There was just something about hearing Michael Jackson sing so many of his hit songs, that made you feel good, made you want to sing along, and expressed things in ways that seem to really nail the mood. Whether you loved him or hated him, even the harshest critic can not deny that this one man had more musical talent than most artists that have ever come down the pike.

His passing was tragic and heartbreaking for those who knew and loved him, and for his fans it just came far too soon. This is for the fans:

Forever Thrilled

King of Pop

Have a fantastically wonderful day!
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