Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reflections Tees has been Skreened!

I've known about Skreened for a while now, but until recently just didn't really have the time to thoroughly check out the company. I'm sure glad I finally did, because they're a FANTASTIC print on demand supplier. For starters, they use made in the USA American Apparel brand tees, and that's a super thing. These are great t-shirts and if you already own one or more, you know how well crafted they truly are. Secondly, Skreened markets itself as an "ethical" print on demand company and what that means is that they don't use sweatshop labor, they're committed to being earth-friendly, and they're all about GIVING. Do check out the Skreened Ethics page to see more about what this all means.

I've selected a limited number of Reflections designs to feature on Skreened, and I do hope you'll go have a look. I'm quite pleased to be partnering with Skreened, and feature my designs there, and will be stocking the shelves with much, much more, in the near future.

Have a fantastically wonderful day!
Carla - Resident Mad Designer

Find the Reflections Brand apparel and gifts at the following locations:
Cafepress Online Shirtstore • Printfection (• Christian - • Funny - • Kids - • Moms Kitchen) Skreened Zazzle