Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Service Now Available: Digital Files

So then... DIGITAL FILES!  

More and more often these days I get an email from someone asking for a digital file of one of my event invitations.  I hear all sorts of reasons from folks:

• Looking to save on postage costs
• Looking to save on resources and opting for digital instead of paper
• The event planner is suddenly short on time and needs something NOW!
• Prefer using a social media platform (such as a Facebook event page) instead of postal mail

All perfectly valid reasons to opt for digital files instead of the printed version.

I've shopped around and there are several sites out there that accommodate digital files but not all of them have the best reputation from a designer or customer stand point.  So, I've opted to completely eliminate the middle-man and chose to work with you, one on one.

Digital files are limited to single-sided, 5"x7" (horizontal or vertical) designs only, and include both text only designs or photo-template designs (such as the styles shown in the image above). I don't have a specific landing page to show you which designs that includes so if you would like an invitation you see on any of my product pages at zazzle: ReflectionsBirthday Sweeties or The Grad Shop, or at my site carlarolfe.com that qualifies per the above mentioned designs, please feel welcome to contact me here and I'll be happy to work with you to create the perfect design for your upcoming event. 

For more information, costs and all the technical stuff - see this page.