Sunday, April 3, 2016

NEW for 2016

A big change is coming and I'm pretty excited about it!

So Long Cafepress

After 11 years of partnership with cafepress, the time has come (for a very long list of boring, business related reasons) to move on.  I've enjoyed my time there and judging by the countless numbers of librarians and folks that love them and get them the ever-popular Super Librarian t-shirt, it was time well spent. Some of my most popular designs there over the last 11 years  have been in the Super Hero category 

But the good news is, they're not being discontinued, they've been upgraded (and the product lines expanded!) and they're now here at my zazzle shop

So whichever Super Star you're shopping for, those fun designs are still available on a HUGE variety of products from t-shirts to car floor mats, to shower curtains and wrapping paper and much more!

All other popular designs currently in store at cafepress have also been moved to my zazzle shops and I think the product quality, print quality and phenomenal 100% money back guarantee (as well as the awesome customer service) will all serve for a more enjoyable shopping experience.  Our family has been buying zazzle products for several years now and we're always impressed with the outstanding print quality and durability of the product.  We think you will be too!

The cafepress shop will be closing at the end of April, so if you see anything there you'd like to snag before it's gone for good: GO HERE and grab it while you can.