Friday, February 6, 2015

Fabulous Custom Fabric

OH... FABRIC! I honestly couldn't tell you what it is about fabric that makes me love it so much.  I've thought about it as I thought about posting here about it (again) but, there isn't really one thing that stands out over another.  I just love everything about it.  It's that simple.

When I was a little girl, long before I ever knew how to sew, one of my favorite things ever was going to the fabric store (or as my grandma always called it, the "yardage" store) with my mom and grandma. While they'd head off to one area of the store, I was drawn by this powerful, wonderful magnet, right over to the novelty fabric section.  All the colors, shapes, patterns, bold lines, bright characters... it was like being in a fantastic, bold, bright colorful comic book of fabric!  Even though I was always told as a child while in a store "look but don't touch" I simply had to break that rule at the fabric store.  I had to touch every single bolt and when one caught my eye more than another, I had to pull the bolt just slightly out of it's tight little nest on the shelf to see more of what was on the fabric. I would examine every element, smile, then slip it back in nice and straight on the shelf.  Stroll, touch, repeat :)

So it should come as no surprise that when zazzle introduced fabric for us designers, I was just over the moon.  I've been designing every day this week just for fabric.  Wonderful fabric for every craft project from curtains to throw pillows, custom tote bags, quilt squares, clothing (because seriously, someone, somewhere really needs a deluxe pepperoni pizza shirt!), slip covers for chairs and anything and everything in between. Whatever you need fabric for, it's in store!

What makes the fabric in my shop different than anything you'll ever find at any commercial fabric shop is that every single element (every apple, monkey, school bus, cupcake, crayon, flower, popsicle, hot dog, lady bug, etc.) was uniquely created by me.  Many of these design elements can be found on other products I design for but some of them have been exclusively created just for fabric.  Because, I love fabric :)

There are currently over 300 unique designs and you can see them all here.

Happy crafting!