Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's New at cafepress? LOTS!

While I normally spend the majority of my time designing for the great products at, I decided recently my cafepress shop was long overdue for a major overhaul.  They have some really great products too and I'd neglected that shop for far too long.

While it's a much smaller shop compared to zazzle, there are some fantastic products and designs there that are exclusive to cafepress.  Thermos brand food jars, can coolers & travel containers, shower curtains, super soft fleece throw blankets and much more.

There's also the Super Hero shop.  A design exclusive to cafepress that I created many many years ago and finally just recently gave a big, bold, fun REdesign.  It's already selling through the marketplace there so I know customers love the new look!

Now here's a little hint for online shopping through cafepress:  shop DIRECTLY from my storefront there instead of the general marketplace and you'll save, as my storefront prices are generally much lower than the marketplace pricing on almost every single product (with the exception of seasonal/promotional marketplace reduced price sales).  Same great products, same fun designs, but I can keep the prices consistently lower all year long by not having all the bells and whistles in my storefront the way cafepress does in the marketplace.

Now here's a sneak peek at what's trending at Reflections cafepress!

Super Grandpa

Super Teacher
Super Librarian
Super Teacher
Checkered Flip Flops
Super Uncle
Owly Moon
Class of 2014
Emma Gear
Peekaboo Penguin Flip Flops