Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zazzle New Arrivals: Product Review

Imagine my surprise last week when the Zazzle Fairy showed up and delivered some great new products to my door! He was cleverly disguised as the FedEx guy but... well, I'm pretty sure he was a Zazzle Fairy and here's what he brought:

In the package was a vinyl wrapped flask, business card holder, square compact mirror and a handy pocket journal.  My pictures won't do the actual products as much justice as they deserve so I'll just admit up-front the printing on these products is absolutely outstanding.

So let's review one at a time:

The Flask

I've never owned a flask and never knew anyone who did, but these new items are really really popular.  The custom design is printed on a vinyl wrap and the wrap is attached with Unicorn Sparkles (or some other magic process) right to the 6 oz. stainless steel The Liquid Courage™ flask.  This product is hand made in the USA and has a cool stainless steel lid attached to this flippy-thing (I believe that's the technical term for it) which means you just cannot lose the lid. Ever.   
A super fun gift for weddings, birthdays, retirements or any special event, there are over 80,000 designs in the marketplace to choose from, and you can SEE THEM ALL HERE (I've had fun designing for them as well, and you can see my designs HERE and HERE)

The Business Card Holder

These little cases are incredibly cool.  Sleek and trim, it holds 15 business cards and has this really neat black velvet-like material on the bottom portion of the inside.  The design itself is printed onto a metal insert and attached right to the case (probably with the same magic Unicorn Sparkles they attach the vinyl to the flask) and the interior top portion is a shiny metal, almost like a mirror.  
I haven't had time yet to design for these little cases but lots of others have, as there are nearly 35,000 designs available in the zazzle marketplace and you can SEE THEM ALL HERE.

The Compact Mirror

Allow me to say, I love, love, love this new item.  What girl doesn't have a mirror in her purse?  What girl doesn't need an awesome, incredible, wonderful  custom, compact mirror, designed just for her?!  None that I know of, and that's just one of the reasons these little mirrors are so fantastic.  The one shown here is the square one, but they come in four shapes; square, round, oval and heart shaped! On the inside are two glass mirrors and it has a tight, snap closure.  These great little mirrors are perfect gift ideas for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just because they're awesome and every girl everywhere, needs one.  Right now! 
There is a tremendous selection of designs and shapes to the tune of nearly 60,000 choices in the zazzle marketplace and you can SEE THEM ALL HERE (I love designing for these, and you can see my own custom, trendy, monogram/name designs HERE)

The Pocket Journal

This is such a useful new item.  In our constantly on-the-go world, it's a great item to have in your purse, back pack, or... your back pocket! :)  It's the perfect solution for jotting down whatever comes to mind no matter where you are. You can choose from blank, lined, grid or check-list page inserts (48 pages) and the entire product is made in the USA on 100% acid free recycled paper.   
Another very popular new item at zazzle and you can tell by the fact that there are over 60,000 designs to choose from in the marketplace which you can SEE HERE.  I love designing for this new product as well, and you can see my custom designs created for it, RIGHT HERE

Additional pics of the above items: