Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Liberty Bottleworks - You Rock!

As an American (yes, living in Canada but still American all the way!), and as a full-time zazzler/designer, if I can get my hands on an American made product to design for, I'm in patriotic-designer Heaven.  So when partnered with Liberty Bottleworks (based in my home state of WA, of all places) to give independent artists like me a chance to design on this great product I was just delighted. In fact, I'm pretty sure I giggled, just a bit.

Here's just a few reasons why:

• They're the only American made water bottle on the market
• They're the only water bottle made with recycled materials
• Their FAQ is loaded with humor. Read it, you'll see what I mean. If you don't want to read all the Q's, be sure to at least read "WHAT ELSE CAN I DO WITH MY LIBERTY BOTTLE?"

So today as I was reading the news I stumbled across this gem of an article: "Yakima Company's Facebook Response Goes Viral" and here's a screen shot of the reason for it going viral

The exchange above has since been removed from the company's FB page.  Regardless, my hat is off to Ryan Clark, Co-founder and COO of Liberty Bottleworks.  In this business of dealing with the public and the "customer is always right", sometimes the customer just needs a little reminder that WE are people too, with families, and obligations, and commitments, just like them. Of course we'll do all we can to get your product to you, and make you squeal with delight when you open it, but we're not super-human, and we do have to use the bathroom and eat supper, once in a while.  Thankfully, nearly all of my customers are pretty amazing people who leave great feedback, and I'm sure Liberty's are too, because it really is a great product.

Oh, and a very Merry Christmas as well to Ryan Clark and all the good folks at Liberty Bottleworks. You made my day :-)