Sunday, November 10, 2013

Instant Window Poster Print

I've said it before many times: not only am I a designer with products on zazzle, I'm a loyal zazzle customer too.  This poster print is just one of the newest zazzle-things in our new house, and I'm loving it!

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, quite literally in the shadow of Mt. Rainier no matter where you were, the stunning view of the mountain was almost always just there, in the background (allowing for those cloudy, gray, rainy Washington days, of course).  When I moved to Ontario Canada back in the 90's I was immediately struck by how much the countryside here looks so much like Washington with all the trees, streams, lakes, rivers and ponds.  The one big thing missing of course, was the view of the Olympic Mountains on one side, and Mt. Rainier on the other.  So, I decided to bring the mountain with me!

This design was a labor of love to be sure, and involves a variety of elements to make the perfect Instant Window poster print.  The mountain, trees, water, wooden window frame and even the clouds are all separate elements combined into one, to create a stunning "window" view of Mt. Rainier.  To make it even more majestic, I created this for the massive, massive (did I say massive?) extra large, 60"x40" print.  I ordered mine on the matte finish but the paper itself is still rather glossy.  The paper quality itself is quite remarkable as well.  Extremely sturdy, and resists crinkles and bends, even when rolled up and moved around (it came through fantastic, when we moved in June).  I was so impressed when this came in the mail (especially impressed by the equally massive poster tube that was as tall as me!).  The print quality is exactly how I designed it, and the colors just pop off the print, making it look like an actual view out the window.  Definitely a 5 Star rating from this designer.