Saturday, September 7, 2013

Zazzle Product Review: Custom Magnets

I've said it before here at this blog and I'll say it again - I'm not only a zazzle fan, designer and promoter, I'm a full-on zazzle cheerleader.  The reason why is pretty simple: zazzle does it RIGHT. Always.

Yes, from time to time there is a glitch or a bug or a human error somewhere but the bottom line at zazzle is, if you don't love it, they'll take it back. No questions asked - and they mean it.  They not only go the extra mile to make sure you love your product, but they do it with incredible quality products and top of the line printing processes on a wide variety of products.

Recently we had a passing in the family so I created this stunning product for the wife of the departed and when it arrived I was completely floored.  Not only was the plaque absolutely stunning, it was so professionally printed, so warm and rich in tones I just couldn't believe it.

It was in and out the door so fast I never really had a chance to get an *actual* product picture but I can assure you, it looks even more beautiful in person than it does in the online thumbnail.

You can see the full, brand new line of photo/memorial plaques I've created for your special times, here.  I'll be adding New Baby and more styles, in the very near future.

Now, moving on to the newest product I've received from zazzle:  full size round magnets!

What can you say about magnets that isn't already fairly... well, obvious?  I mean, they magnets.  They stick to metallic surfaces, right? WRONG!  With zazzle's print quality, they don't just stick to metallic surfaces, they do it while looking silly-amazing!  Here are some shots I took this evening :

Here I'm holding the 3" round magnet all by itself in the palm of my hand.  I can assure you, any imperfections you see were purely the result of my dirty (oops) camera lense.  The printing on these magnets was in fact, flawless.  Perfectly true to the color I designed them with, on all colors.  I ordered the pink, purple, green, blue, orange and yellow ones.  I still have all of them on our fridge except the purple one, which was snatched immediately by our 15 yr old and is now being used in her school locker :-)

In the next photo, I'm holding the 3 inch round magnet next to the 2 inch square magnet that I designed last summer, that has my hubby's cell phone number on it. (Available for purchase here)  At the time I designed this, the kids/grandkids didn't all have electronic devices to store all of our important phone numbers so I thought it was a good idea to create some fun fridge magnets to have both mine and his number on them.  They've actually come in handy many times, and I've had numerous compliments on them.
Once again, any flaws you see are the direct result of my camera, and in no way reflect the print quality of the actual product.  In fact, I didn't even notice these glitches at all until after I uploaded these pics.  I guess it's a good reminder to clean my lense, eh? :-)

As you can see, the 3 inch round magnet is considerably larger than the 2 inch square magnet and that tells me one thing: it's time to upgrade a lot of my 2 inch square magnets to the super fun, super bold 3 inch round!

In this last photo, the 3 inch round and the 2 inch square sit side by side on the counter for another comparison:

I love both styles and both have their advantages but I can see myself reaching more often for the big, bold round magnets.

Either way, either style you choose, you can be certain that with zazzle's crazy dedication to customer satisfaction and simply incredible printing process, whatever product you order from them will be nothing short of fantastic.

I've ordered many many products from zazzle over the years and have been utterly impressed every single time with the quality of the product I receive.  Chalk this up to a classic 5-star review :-)

You can see all my custom magnets (round, square, and flex-mags which I have also purchased and absolutely LOVE) right here.