Sunday, March 3, 2013

Customize YOUR Case!

Did you know that you can customize practically *any electronic device case at Reflections?

It's true, and I'll show you how with this helpful tutorial.

Let's say you're browsing through the iPhone 5 collection and you see a case you LOVE.  Let's say for example, it's the fun, retro Rotary Dial case shown here. The only problem is, you don't have an iPhone, you have a different phone.

Here's where you get to play with the design!

The first thing you do, is click this button shown here on the product page

Next, you'll click in this drop down box shown here:

Once you click that, all kinds of fun things show up!

See?  Just like I said, all kinds of fun things - and different devices and brands for you to choose from. So let's say you have the Samsung Galaxy S3.  You'll click that little icon and you'll get a new customizable tool pallet showing the design you want on the device you have:

Now let's say your name isn't Elizabeth S. If it is, then yay, you're already one step ahead of everyone else!  But, most likely it's not, so this is where you change the name:

Next, you can even change the color if you like! (Only applies to certain designs, play around with your favorite to see what changes you can make) Here's where you click for that:

and then you'll get this:

and once you click that, you'll get this!

Look at all the pretty colors to choose from! Pick any color you like, any shade, or even chose the advanced option to variate between shades and your device case changes before your very eyes, like magic!

Oh decisions, decisions, what color will your fun new custom case be?! Well let's assume your name is oh... I don't know, Harry Styles, and you really like the blue one because blue is your favorite color!  So, Harry, you've just created your very own, custom device case!

And that's all there is to it!  Once you're satisfied with the way your custom case looks, simply click the ADD TO CART button and off you go.  If at any time you have any question about customizing your case, please feel free to drop me a note via email and I'd be more than happy to assist you in making it perfect.

*Applies to the fantastic casemate brand cases only