Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Calling All Cat Lovers

This is our cat, Wooley. Somewhere along the way after we adopted him his name morphed and changed and morphed again and now he's Pludis, or PluPlu. It's a silly name but it fits him.

Here is Plu's story:

When they were just tiny kittens, Pludis and his brother Hodus were abandoned near a barn not far from here.  A nice couple found them, took them in, took it upon themselves to get them vet care and take care of them until they could find a home for them.  They placed a classified ad and hubby and I went to see them.  We fell in love with them immediately and even though we only wanted one cat, we knew these guys had to stay together so we adopted them both.  That was a year and a half ago, and they've been a part of our family ever since.  Up until now they've both been very healthy, enjoyable, happy cats.  Plu even plays the piano. And likes to the play the "watch me trip you as you come down the stairs" game.  After getting to the bottom of the stairs, he'll drop to the floor and roll over to expose his tummy, because he knows he's getting a rub.

Last week, Pludis became ill.  Vomiting and dehydrated, lethargic and just not himself at all.  Off to the vet he went and for 3 days remained on an IV for hydration and an antibiotic. The problem is, those things just treat the symptoms and not the root cause.  Our vet strongly suspects this little rascal ingested something he shouldn't have, and has it lodged in his tummy.  Without surgery, he's not going to get better.

I've created this fun little poster in hopes of raising funds to cover the cost of Plu's surgery. I know there are bigger problems in this mean old world we live in, and I know there are more dire needs, but this little guy needs help, and quick.  If you're a cat lover like me, I hope you'll tweet and share and FB this.