Monday, December 10, 2012

Customize It!

One of the many many things I absolutely love about placing designs on zazzle products, is giving the customer the option to customize it and personalize it.  Zazzle's amazing selection of custom event invitations are just one of those products.  When I place the initial design, I almost always select the basic matte 110lb. paper for the default display.  The customer then has the option if they like, to upgrade the paper to one of the many different options: Metallic, Linen, Recycled or Felt.  Within the Metallic line of papers there are 4 colors to choose from: Ice, Silver, Champagne and Gold. 

Today a customer ordered this elegant New Year's Eve party invitation and chose the Metallic Champagne paper and you can see here how it looks compared to the basic matte paper:  

Absolutely stunning! For an incredible selection of over half a MILLION event invitations, be sure to check out zazzle's marketplace here to customize your own invitations for your upcoming special events.

(and for a limited time - get a HUGE 50% OFF all custom invitations when you use the promo code PEACELOVEJOY at checkout.  Offer ends 12/25 at midnight)