Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zazzle Product Review: Progman!

During the fantastic sales zazzle.com had running at Christmastime, I took advantage of many of them and was able to purchase some great stuff at really GREAT prices.  I have a huge selection of products to review but today we're going to start with some Progman items I bought for my hubby.  He's a huge progressive rock fan so I created this "progman" (play on words - frog/prog listening to his prog in his headphones) graphic for him.

(You can click any of the images here or the thumbnails below to see the product in the store)

Starting with the mug I can tell you when we took it out of the box we both just said "wow!"  My husband took this pic with his phone and the color, clarity and sharpness of the image on the mug is actually much bolder and brighter in person than it looks here.

Perfectly centered exactly where it should be, the image really stands out on this great 17 oz porcelan mug.  Allow me to add, it's his favorite mug now and he uses it every single day. So, zazzle rocked yet another print job and quality merchandise with this mug.

Up next is this awesome little Samsung Galaxy phone case. We were out to dinner when I snapped this pic with my own phone and the lighting wasn't the best in the world but you can see that it's a great little case with yet another fantastic print job.

The case itself is a dark charcoal gray (not black as it appears) and the cracks & distresses in the first name is intentional - it's a stock zazzle font that is supposed to look that way.  His phone case is a little different (the name) than the one in the store because, well, he's special and I made it a little unique, just for him.

As for the quality of the case, I can't say enough good things about it.  It's a hard plastic case but light as a feather.  It fits the phone perfectly and provides fantastic protection while looking really cool at the same time.  I held off ordering a case for my own phone until we could review this one, and now I'm ready to order my own.  I LOVE these cases for the Samsung Galaxy!

Last but certainly not least is this handsome model in his brand new Progman tee that he received just today.

I really wish my camera could capture the color on this shirt, because when he opened it that was the first thing we noticed.  Truly, the color just pops off the shirt!

This is zazzle's "value" tee which is a Hanes ComfortSoft heavyweight t-shirt.  100% cotton and tagless (which I love!) it's the shirt you want a whole drawerful of.  It's a perfect thickness for spring or summer wear-alone or winter wear under a jacket.  This shirt is pre-shrunk cotton but I sized up for him because he prefers a more relaxed fit, and when he took it right out of the package and put it on, it fits perfectly!

It is a little bit stiff, right out of the package (not too bad, but it's noticable) so I would recommend a wash first, but he's wearing his anyway.

All in all, these products get 10 thumbs up and 5 stars each for both print quality AND merchandise quality.  Yet again, zazzle.com knocks it out of the ballpark and they even did it during the crazy Christmas rush of orders and print job.  Excellent work, zazzle!