Friday, January 13, 2012

Zazzle Product Review: Custom Ornaments

During one of the many, many, many great sales zazzle had at Christmastime, I took advantage and bought these great ornaments:

Here are the same ornaments as shown in the store (click to view larger):

While my camera truly doesn't do them justice, I can say without hesitation that they are just super-fantastic.

Product quality:  first, while the dimensions state that they are nearly 3 inches diameter and over an ounce in weight, they were actually bigger and heavier than I imagined.  A very solid feel in the hand and they hung wonderfully on the Christmas tree.  I look forward to bringing these out year after year and even creating new ones now (I used the youngest four's school pictures) that I know just how wonderful they really are. I really like the gold ribbon that comes with them but I wanted a longer ribbon so I replaced them all with Christmas curling ribbon for hanging on the tree.

Customization options:  when I created these I wanted the customer to be able to truly personalize them with their own pictures and text to create a great little photo keepsake to cherish or share with family.  Each of these ornaments is promoted as a "baby's first Christmas" but changing the text was very simple by clicking the "customize it" button, removing one line and making the font size larger for the names.  Uploading and centering pictures was just as easy and it was really a joy to see them take shape the way they do.

Print quality: all four of these ornaments printed not only true to color (my camera throws the color off a little but trust me, they're awesome!) the way I designed them, but the alignment was nearly 100% spot on.  Only the mouse ornament printed a little larger than I expected but as you can see it turned out wonderfully anyway.  I suppose I'd be the only one who noticed the difference since I'm the one who created it!  The pictures I uploaded in place of the baby pictures printed wonderfully too although a tad darker than I expected.  I would strongly recommend using a photo with a very light or even white background so that the face of the subject is better framed.

Yet another fantastic job by zazzle, 5 gold stars and 10 thumbs up!