Thursday, May 26, 2011

w00tles for Doodles!

Just recently the brilliant folks at zazzle launced a pretty great little product called the Doodle Custom Speaker by Hailed as the world's first customizable speaker with universal compatibility, designers at zazzle immediately went to work creating some of the most fantastic designs for the new product. As of this post there are nearly 40k new speakers in zazzle's marketplace and based on tweet streams from fellow designers that number is growing every day.

During zazzle's great Friday Four Hour sale recently to celebrate the launch of the Doodle, I purchased two of them that I designed. I can only show you one of them because the other is a surprise gift and we don't want to spoil the surprise! The other one I purchased for my husband and for this review that's the one we'll look at.

First - the packaging.

The speakers come well packed and well protected in a layer of bubble wrap, inside the little doodle box which is then packed inside a shipping box.  Always a plus to see internet purchases arrive well packed especially since this package had to travel over 2500 miles to get here!

In the Box

Just as the product description reads, included with the speaker is a generous 30" USB cord.  The attached cord for plugging into your phone, laptop, ipad, etc. is roughly 19" long. (Measurements are approx.)

The Speaker

The speaker itself is just as cool as it gets.  Both of the speakers I ordered are dark so none of the speaker "holes" show through on the graphic front the way they show in the display pictures for the lighter colored graphics.  The print quality of the front graphic is nothing short of amazing but it is slightly darker on the speaker than what shows in the display pictures.

The kickstand in back is also rather cool, as it is fully adjustable to any angle you want it, or just lay it flat for laying your speaker flat on your desk.  The little space on the front (center/top) of the speaker is actually the ON indicator light which comes on, when the speaker is on.  The on/off button is located in the back of the speaker.

Audio Quality

When my husband first connected his speaker to his phone and hit play for the test, we were a little disappointed.  My heart nearly sunk when he said "there's no audio".  Be sure to locate the handy little on/off button located in the rear of the speaker and turn it on, if you actually want to hear your music. :o)  Once you do that, you're good to go.

The only real test we've done so far with this is the phone playing music with the internal speaker, and then the phone playing music over the Doodle speaker.  I've tried my best to capture the audio with this short video:

We both agreed that the audio quality over the Doodle speaker was far superior to that on the internal phone speaker.

Overall, we give this great little piece of audio technology 5 stars out of 5.  LOVE it!  A couple more pics:

The actual speaker, slightly darker than the store display but but still excellent print quality!

Kev (aka Mr. Happy Doodle) with his new toy. :o)

Have a fantastically wonderful day!
Carla - Resident Mad Designer
Graphic design by Carla Rolfe