Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vintage Humor - because old stuff is funny

Just this past summer while our family was on vacation, we stopped at one of those fun, roadside tourist trap places to look around. This little shop had everything from flower seeds to windchimes, t-shirts and more. One of the reasons we stopped in was because of the vintage, funny signs they had all over the barn. After browsing all the signs I was completely inspired and made a mental note to create some of those. It's been a few months but now, here they are!

While creating the new section yesterday I hardly had time to dust the shelves and make it all pretty like, before the magic award elves at zazzle chose two of the new designs for a Today's Best Award

WARNING: you must possess a healthy sense of humor to appreciate these vintage humor designs. If your sense of humor is lacking in any way, you will not find them funny. I guarantee, there is someone on your Christmas list that definitely needs one of these fun new designs, on a coffee mug, fridge magnet, or maybe even a poster print. They will love you extra special, when they open it Christmas morning.


Have a fantastically wonderful day!

Carla - Resident Mad Designer

Graphic design by Carla Rolfe