Sunday, June 28, 2009

John Calvin 500 Gifts

I have a request for those shopping for commemorative John Calvin 500 designs on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads and various other John Calvin 500 gifts. The request is this:

John Calvin 500Please do NOT buy these items from the cafepress marketplace (or ebay or - those are not my listings), but instead, purchase them from straight from my shop.

Cafepress has changed their marketplace policy for designers, and every purchase made through their marketplace means the designers are paying literally through the NOSE for that marketplace placement. The way we pay for it, is that we receive a mere 10% commission of each sale of our own designs, rather than the full commission we've established through our own shops. Designers have no control over this at all, this was a cafepress marketplace decision. We can all opt-out of the marketplace completely but that puts us all in a catch-22 position making it hard to find our designs.

So please, if you're shopping for a John Calvin 500 t-shirt, Calvin 500 mug, or any other Calvin 500 gift to commemorate the 500th birthday of John Calvin, make your purchases through my shop, and not the marketplace. In all other areas of t-shirt design as well, please support the designers behind the designs, and buy directly through shops, instead of the CP marketplace or amazon or ebay (those are all "marketplace" listings as well and designers are being substantially shortchanged for their work, when you purchase through those avenues).

I have specifically mentioned the Calvin 500 design as this has been a popular item the past few months and has become even more popular in the last couple of weeks.

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