Friday, April 24, 2009

What's New

In spite of the uber-busy schedule I've been keeping these days, there really are some new and cool things going on at Reflections (cafepress). Here are a couple of those new and cool things:

Keepin it Green• First, this week's e-flyer is now up for you to get the scoop there.

• They weren't done in time for the e-flyer but I've added some great new ORGANIC tees to the Keepin it Green line. Now you've got totes AND tees to pick from!

What's more, is just as cool - I've EXPANDED!

No, I didn't gain weight, but I've added more and more designs to various other suppliers! You can check out all our different shops in the sidebar to the left there. In the coming weeks I plan to add a good deal of new merchandise and designs to ALL those shops. It's been a lot of fun doing this (but a lot of work!) so I do hope you'll check out whats new in the other shops.

Have a fantastically wonderful day!
Carla - Resident Mad Designer